Thursday, September 08, 2005

I love/hate felting! I've recently felted a laptop case, a purple purse, and the "infamous" Nicky Epstein Flower Basket Bag. I am not crazy about how this bag came out! I haven't sewn the flowers on it yet and I might like it better when I do, but the thing is HUGE and must weigh five pounds. I made it with Lambs Pride Bulky on size 19 needles. Well, here is what it looks like after being run through the "super" hot cycle five times.

I plan to stitch the flowers on tonight. Also, crazy that I am, I do like this bag so much that I am going to make it AGAIN! Yes, you heard me right. But I am going to improvise. I bougt some Cascade 220 in colors that I love and I'm going to knit it in the round, make it smaller, redo the design seriously. Progress reports to follow.

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