Tuesday, June 28, 2005

With Due Deference to the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee )

You know you knit too much when....you wonder whether you can get away with knitting socks during your ex-husband's wedding. Oh, yes, I am serious. The wedding is next Sunday and I KNOW that knitting will make the experience ever so much more fun.So maybe if I sit in the back, bring a huge purse, and use bamboo needles, nobody will notice. They will, after all, be watching the bride and groom, right? Then again, maybe my kids will take it the wrong way: Mom sitting there with two sharp implements in her hands. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

On another subject, I had a semi-Eureka moment while working on my Master Handknitter swatches. If I make my stitches with just the tips of the needles, I get virtually no rowing out. I know, I know, every book says to do this! I've just gotten very fast and loose over the years (in my knitting, I mean!) and I've been trying to compensate by tightening up. The result of that has been exascerbated arthritis, sore hands and arms, and a bad temper. Not to mention continued rowing out. Well, I think I've solved the problem. No full-Eurekas yet, however.

I've set aside the "More Than Circular" shawl for a while in order to knit a cardigan out of Giotto. (I want to wear it to the above-mentioned wedding) It's a quick knit on huge needles. I HATE huge needles. I am simply astonished at all these new knitters who persist in knitting with eyelash yarn on these things that feel like broomsticks in the hands. I would detest knitting if that were they only knitting I could do. Someone should clue these newbies into the JOYS of knitting with size 5 or 7 needles (or smaller) and worsted or lighter weight yarn.

Well, so much for that fantasy!

Back to the swatches for me...

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