Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mastery and Life, too

I have been reworking my swatches for Level I of the Master Handknitting Course. I have ten swatches to resubmit. I believe I have five that are now good enough to send in.

Other than that, many exciting things have been happening, not knit related! My daughter appeared in a Gala for her local ballet company and it was thrilling to see her progress and how grown up she is getting. See photos!

Also, my "office/studio" is finally in an organized state. I'm posting a photo of my "stash" which includes yarn, fabric, beads and photographs.

On the needles: Still working on the second version of "More than Circular" this one is yellow. I'm also working on a lovely cardigan in "Giotto" which I'm hoping to wear to the Ex-husband's wedding next week. I've lost three pounds this week and am bound to lose more by the 3rd. It feels GOOD!

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