Saturday, June 11, 2005


After frogging the "More than Circular" shawl four times, I finally got wise to the "lifeline". I think I've spent more time ripping than knitting on this and it's all because I have yet to really learn to read the structure of lace knitting. The YOs and decreases just have me dizzy if I have to correct an error. I am perservering, however, and now that I am inserting lifelines, I feel more confident that I will finish the thing before my trip to Los Angeles next week!

I have been disappointed in most of the yarn stores in the LA area, with the exception of "A Major Knitwork". Most are trendy and seem to cater almost exclusively to scarf knitters. I am baffled that so many Angelinos need so many scarves! I will continue to explore the area, however, on my next trip.

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Rita (Mommy Cat) said...

hi, found your blog by way of tkga masterknitters. I am starting my level 1 swatches and have discovered that i too have a 'tension issue'. I thought that those cute uneven stitches added 'character' to my knitting, showed i was human, hehe. oh well, did you resubmit? I haven't even finished one to my liking yet, now that i know the standards. The other day i started charlotte's web shawl in koigu kpppm, this is my first lace work and i must have frogged that thing 8 times before reaching row 20! I just figured out what the life line thingie is and will certainly use one, do you run a thread down the side of a needle, under stiches one side to the other or do you carry it along some way?