Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's May Already!

Well, it has been an eventful few days in the world of my knitting. I had a wonderful meeting with K . on Saturday, showed her my swatches and now, of course ;) I'm reknitting everything! I'm fascinated how even one session of constructive criticism has pointed out so many areas for me to improve. Primarily, TENSION! Yikes, my tension is quite inconsistent.

I've switched from Addi Turbos to straight bamboo needles. This has slowed me down, which ,I think helps. I HATE straight needles, however, and I may switch back to circular bamboos. I have the beginnings of arthritis in my hands and the straight needles do me no good in that department.

Also I am grappling with the issue of tight vs. loose knitting. I have developed into a very loose knitter over the years. This has allowed me to go fast and keep my hands relatively relaxed. Tight knitting seems easier to make consistent, but it's not fun on the old hands!

Someone suggested that the REAL way to get even stitches is through washing and blocking properly, so that might be something else to try.

In any event, I have a day off from work today so I hope to get a bunch of knitting done. I'm ready to jump into Fair Isle, I have lace projects I want to start, and I want to do some charity knitting.

Already on the needles: Hanne Falkenberg's DaCapo Jacket, Beverly Galaskas (sp?) sandal/clog socks with cables all up the back and a separate big toe, and of course, those TKGA Level I swatches!

It's cloudy in the Pacific Northwest, so, all in all, a great day for knitting.

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