Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

I am still knitting! I do wonder, however, where my brain has gone. I've made some real "winners" lately and I've chosen to share them just in case you think I always make nice stuff :)

Take this lovely monstrosity. It was my first attempt at modular knitting. I was going to make the Ojo de Dios vest from "Dazzling Knits". Well, this color combo would "dazzle" even the blind! Please note, ladies and gentlemen, that I have been to ART SCHOOL! These colors somehow looked cool in the store (no I won't mention your name). At home, however, we seem to have been visited by the ghost of 70's afghans past. Yikes!

Now, if you think that is hideous, and I hope you do, please see the next not so hideous but utterly useless creation:

This yarn was at Ben Franklin. Nice New Zealand wool, with a big sign under it that said "I Felt". Well, I guess I don't know exactly WHAT the yarn was "feeling" but it sure didn't felt. Oh, yeah, I didn't notice the small words on the label that said "machine washable". Oh Well.

I redid the cell phone case with Noro and I really do love the results:

This clunky cell phone never had it so good.

I just finished the top down capelet from "Wrap Style". I will block it and photo it in the next day or so.

Carry on knitting...

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