Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Knit Hits the Fan

With less than a month to go before "December madness", I am knitting like a madwoman. I finished a scarf for my son's friend Abby (sorry, no photo). No, I do NOT have time to vacuum :) The scarf was not exactly planned, but, having knit the Alien Illusion scarf for Ben, in lime green and black, his friend Abby was really taken with it. Well, who can resist a compliment to her knitting? I had to make her one. It is a surprise, so please don't tell anyone!

Oh, and these socks from Louet Gems, a really nice yarn to work with!!!! For Ben (shhhh).

I am now on the THIRD Fair Isle glove, and, being a new Fair Isle knitter, it is different from, and nicer than, the other two.

I promised Ben a zipped hoodie with the Misfits logo on the back. I have the yarn, I have the pattern, but I haven't started it. Being sixteen (next Monday) Ben will only wear BLACK. My (not)favorite color to knit. No mercy for this middle aged mother with incipient cataracts. Oh, and I still have to start and knit my daughter's two surprises, which I will not describe here since I'm sure she will read this. Oy vay!!!

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